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Peoria's Psychic Shop

Psychic Services and Chakra Balancing in Peoria, Illinois

For a real psychic reading in Peoria, Illinois, visit Peoria's Psychic Shop. With over 30 years as a local psychic doing tarot readings, visitors from Bloomington, Springfield, and Kewanee, can be sure that our psychic services are honest and correct. We accept walk- ins! For more information from our professional psychic, call (309) 306-2803 today.

Looking for answers to your life questions? A reading of your tarot cards can address specific questions in your life or help guide you with which path to take next. Accurate card readings are necessary to ensure that you are receiving quality information on your path in life.

Found in various parts of the world, palm reading is known for its effective predictions and information about your future. As a professional palm reader, we will interpret the lines on your palms to determine the divination of your future.

We offer $10 off any psychic reading, and seniors receive $15 off!

All we ask of you is that you keep an open mind and be an active participant. We want you to be receptive of the information we gather through different types of spiritual readings. Your professional psychic will lay before you many open doors. These doors are yours to pass through or close.

Peoria's Psychic Shop specializes in aura readings. A psychic medium can answer your questions regarding your life, love, finances, and family. You can expect any psychic services performed to be anonymous and confidential.

Are you searching for total wellbeing emotionally and physically? Chakra balancing offers maximum vitality through harmony of the chakras, which are sometimes imbalanced due to negative thoughts or actions.

Looking for a traditional fortune teller? I also perform crystal readings!

For job, family, or relationship advice, choose Peoria's Psychic Shop in Peoria. Our local psychic is highly regarded as the most accurate love adviser in the area. To get started on your relationship advice, contact us!

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