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Peoria's Psychic Shop

Psychic Services and Chakra Balancing in Peoria, Illinois

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For a real psychic reading in Peoria, Illinois, visit Peoria's Psychic Shop. With over 30 years as a local psychic doing tarot readings, visitors from Bloomington, Springfield, and Kewanee, can be sure that our psychic services are honest and correct. We accept walk- ins! For more information from our professional psychic, call (309) 981-8302 today.


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Crystal Readings

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Looking for answers to your life questions?

A reading can address specific questions in your life or help guide you with which path to take next. Accurate readings are necessary to ensure that you are receiving quality information on your path in life.

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings 

Tarot readings provide a glimpse into your past, present, and future.

Palm Readings

Palm Readings

Interpretations of the lines in your palms can show you the significance of your past, present, and future. 

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing 

We provide chakra balancing in order to de-stress your body and get you back on the right track. 

Love Advice

Love Advice

While you might find yourself questioning your relationship, psychic medium readings can tap into your energies to help you perceive hidden truths.

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